Crowded and full of colors, Hang Gai street is known as the "Silk street" of Hanoi with shops selling silk products close together, to create a definition specific to Hanoi streets.

Hanoi is now over 1000 years old and is one of the most ancient cities of the world. When speaking of the history of Hanoi (formerly Thang Long), one much mention the Old Quarter – the 36 ancient streets located just north of HoanKiem lake. Hang Gai street is one of Hanoi’s ancient streets. It connects HoanKiem lake to Cua Nam street through Hang Bong street. In the past, this street specializes in selling thorny wire, jute wire, hammocks and ropes. Nowadays, there is no reminiscence of hemp so Hang Gai moved on to the trading of silk-products.
Known as the street of silk, Hang Gai has been famous for a long time as one of the most bustling and boisterous streets in the capital city. With silk shops lined up side by side, the always crowded street is a “don’t miss area” for visitors to Hanoi. Golden Silk Hotel Hanoi is located in Hang Gai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, the 250m-long street has 120 shops, including 91 shops trading silks or goods and services related to silk products and 21 shops trading other goods. Not so long ago, Hang Gai Street was a simple but beautiful silk trading area known mostly only to locals. Over the years, with the influx of tourists, the silk shops have become specialized to meet the needs of foreign visitors. Examples of the high quality, diversified silk products can be seen at Cu Thanh Shop with its fine silk fabrics; Hoa Silk with its fashionable silk shawls; Kelly Silk,which quickly produces ready-to-wear products; Khai Silk, whichproduces European styles and De Maison, who displays its sailboat logo on their fashion accessories and souvenirs.
Today, the old town is undergoing development, enabling it to receive a largernumber of tourists. Hang Gai is central to this development and is key to the future progress of Hanoi. Coming to Hanoi Golden Silk Hotel - the best hotel in Hanoi located in Hang Gai street, will ensure to bring you the most unforgettable and memorable stay in Hanoi and Vietnam.